Space Exploration, closer thanks to Space X

Did you know that we will soon explore the rocket space as if you were to see a football game?

Space X, is a company created in 2002 by visionary and eccentric entrepreneur Elon Musk (co-founder of PayPal, founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and President of SolarCity). Its aim was to offer customers travel to space, they will begin to be offered from 2016. Also you can imagine it when you love with our game StarShip Odyssey.


The company has already developed three spacecraft called by the company as FALCON 9, FALCON HEAVY, and cargo spacecraft named Dragon.

Space travel will begin in 2016

The company began taking relevance thanks to a competition won in 2006 for NASA. NASA chose SpaceX as one of the two companies responsible for transporting personnel and cargo loading to the International Space Station. Therefore, Space X went from 50 employees to be more than 3,000.


For now provide the International Space Station

Although the price of one of these space travel cost about $ 500,000, the fact that they are the first to offer a trip into space on a spaceship (remember that Virgin Galactic offers trips into space, but only so far into the stratosphere) will make the business flow of interstellar travel and prices will be more “economic”.


But this is not all, in 2013 the “Occupy Mars” Space X project was born, and personally sponsored by Elon Musk The objective of this project is to bring to Mars and bring back people to colonize the red planet and begin a new life.

“Occupy Mars” is the flagship project of SpaceX

For this they are designing a super space shuttle to be able to go and bring back the colonists of Mars. This project is being financed by private capital (it is rumored that own Musk has invested over $ 120 million of his personal wealth), and it has nothing to do with that sound project of the company “Mars One”. “Mars One” in which a no return trip to Mars is proposed.


This project becomes more important Mars since NASA has confirmed the existence of liquid water on Mars, even on Mars there was an ocean of salt water.. Moreover, the different missions to Mars have been identified on Mars the existence of the building blocks for life as sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon.  

Not much for us to say one day: “Are we going to exploring space?”



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