For a long time we’ve seen in movies and tv series hoy humans joined together to explore the space. However, in the real world there are only spaces races between countries and companies, first to reach the moon, now to reach Mars. With the aim to finish this, the Asgardia project has born. The idea is to create a new nation, the first space nation. Is a project lead by Igor Ashurbeiyli, a russian nanoscientist and bussiness men. 

The Asgardia project.

The International Earth Flag, a good option to be the flag os Asgardia

Asgardia is the prototype of a free and without restrictions society. A society that promotes and encourages knowledge, science and intelligence, while every human being is valued.

The first aim of this nation is to launch the first satellite in 2017. It would be a satellite that belongs to a nation itself with its own legal framework, flag and simbols.

In the long term, they want to promote equality and peace in the world while they defend the earth of space junk and asteroids among other dangers.

The three pillards of Asgardia

Igor Ashurbeiyli himself has explained that the project has three main parts: philosophical, legal and scientist-technological. The philosophical part can be seen in the name. Asgard is a name from the nordic mythology, a city in the sky where the gods live.. This represent the willingness of humankind to explore the universe.

Asgardia also promotes the removal of borders and differencies between nations and religions. They want to create a legal framework for space, approved by every nation, so in the space we don’t have the law of the strongest. It also would avoid monopolies which aren’t positive for everyone due to geopolitical strategies and interests of each country


In the legal part, Asgardia aspires to be recognized as a nation by the United Nations. The first step is to get 100.000 nationality requests through its web. Right after that, they will initiate the paperwork  to solicitate the status of nation to the UN.

The technological part of the project is based on peace, access and protection. The aim is to craete a base of free and unmilitarized knowledge that anyone can access to. At the same time, they will try to protect the earth of dangers such as solar flares or asteroids.

The project may seem like a movie, but it will go ahead. We will se how many people want to request the nationality of a country that aspires to represent the whole humankind. We will keep an eye on the news about Asgardia to tell you everything, see you soon!

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